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Tips For Choosing A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is one of the most stressful situations that you can encounter in your life. Many questions will come to your mind when you are facing divorce. For instance, you might be wondering what will happen after divorce, where to find the best lawyer and what will happen to your property or kids. Most of these issues can be solved by hiring the right divorce attorney.

This professional will give you the legal advice needed at an affordable price. He or she will help you in getting a divorce from your spouse. However, finding the right lawyer for your divorce case is not walk in the park. The following tips will guide you in making the right decision when hiring one.

Deciding on the type of divorce process that you want


The main divorce processes that you can use include litigation, mediation, cooperative or collaborative divorce. After deciding on the process, you should start looking for the right divorce attorney. He or she should be experienced in divorce matters. Ideally, the lawyer chosen should match the divorce process.


Decide on the type of legal service needed

The legal service needed depends on the nature of your case. For instance, individuals having for short marriages, no real estate, and no kids can solve their issues by having a short or simple consultation with their attorneys. On the other hand, individuals owning companies, having a lot of capital or having complicated financial situations should hire experienced lawyers. Such professionals are well equipped and capable of handling complicated divorces cases.

Using the internet wisely

Avoid being stacked by those lawyers who have the best websites. The internet is useful in validating referrals and gathering information. A good website should be updated regularly. Even if it is advisable to use the internet, you should not rely on it solely when making your final decision.

Interviewing several lawyers

interviewing a lawyer

Once you have narrowed down your list of the favourite lawyers, you can decide to interview some of them. By so doing, you will get their different views on how they can handle your case. You should go for the professional whom you are comfortable with.




The lawyer chosen should be experienced and well conversant with family law. He or she should be working regularly in divorce. Practitioners who have been handling other issues can also help you. What you need to avoid is hiring someone who has not handled similar cases.


What you need to know about divorce

Divorce is one of the most traumatizing and emotional times in the life of a person. It is a process that involves making some of the life-altering financial and permanent decisions. Individuals who are have undergone through this situation can tell you about the fear and anxiety associated with it. Fortunately, education is helpful in alleviating that fear. The following are some of the important factors that you should know whenever you are filling for a divorce.

Money will always be an issue when filling a divorce


Money is a serious issue when it comes to divorce. It is therefore important to do your homework even when you ex-spouse promises to treat you fairly or when the deal seems to be too good. Avoid making offers out of feelings when you are on the negotiating table. Seeking for professional help and other crucial information is another great idea.


Dividing the properties equally is not guaranteed

Matrimonial property is not always divided equally among the couples. Most of the properties are affected by tax implications thereby affecting their value. Overlooking this fact means that you can end up getting less property or even face taxation issues in future.

Divorcing your house

Your house is one of the largest family’s assets. A decision has to be made on who will retain this asset. This decision is mainly determined by the responsibility and the amount of money involved. Before signing any legal agreement, you should ask yourself if you are qualified for a mortgage. If you qualify, then you should ask yourself the following questions

  • Whether you will be able to maintain your home
  • Do you have energy and time of maintaining a home? For instance, can you clean your house and mow the lawn
  • Can you afford to rep the debts?

Businesses and pensions need to be valued properly

Apart from your house, a pension is another most valuable asset that you can have especially if have worked for many years. The true value of a pension can be determined by hiring a trained actuary. You should avoid relying on your annual statement since it might not be correct. Failure to evaluate your pensions means that you will lose a lot of money that could be included in the matrimonial property. Your businesses should also be valued to determine what each spouse will receive. However, the process of valuing a business is very complicated and can only be done by a reputable business valuator.